Commercial Solar Installations


Solar PV systems with a capacity of 99kW are the most commonly installed on various buildings across Australia. These include government buildings, secondary schools, universities, manufacturers, transport and logistics companies, shopping centers, leisure venues, large offices, healthcare facilities, nursing homes, hotels, warehouses, and more. If your system is under 100kW, it qualifies for federal government Small-scale Technology Certificates (STCs), providing an immediate cost reduction at the time of purchase. The size of your solar system plays a crucial role in determining the level of energy offset achievable. Factors such as your energy consumption, available roof space, funding options, and whether you want to claim the immediate benefit of STCs will influence the size of the system that best suits your needs.


Consider any solar PV system exceeding 100kW as a “solar farm.” These larger-scale installations are suitable for energy-intensive locations such as large commercial offices, factories, plants, industrial sites, food processing, beverage and other manufacturing facilities, shopping centers, and more. Implementing a system of this magnitude would require an exceptionally spacious roof, accommodating over 750 330W panels (or modules) and approximately 10 or more inverters.
Large-scale solar installations may be eligible for the federal government’s large-scale generation certificates (LGCs), established by the Renewable Energy Target to reduce emissions in the electricity sector and encourage the generation of renewable energy. LGCs can serve as a revenue source over several years, enhancing the return on your investment. These larger systems can be either roof-mounted or ground-mounted.


For organizations with monthly electricity expenditures exceeding $30,000 and ample space, opting for a large-scale 500kW+ solar PV system, whether it’s ground or roof-mounted, has the potential to yield savings surpassing $150,000 annually. Typically, such systems are suitable for sites with expansive ground areas, one exceptionally large building, or multiple buildings hosting arrays that collectively meet the required size. Implementing 500kW+ systems can be intricate, demanding a range of expertise and skill sets for successful delivery. Given their significant investment, these systems require experienced management and meticulous attention to detail.
Cherry offers comprehensive feasibility studies as the initial step to assess whether a sound business case exists for solar adoption. If your annual electricity expenditure exceeds $360,000, consider investing in an asset that not only provides an impressive return on investment but also ongoing Large-scale Generation Certificate (LGC) revenue, cost savings, and a substantial reduction in annual carbon emissions. Cherry goes the extra mile by providing each customer with an exceptional customer care package, including marketing materials to help showcase your newfound environmentally conscious initiatives and Corporate Social Responsibility.
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