Electrical wiring

Our team of electrical wiring experts is here to assist you with a wide range of services, including household electrical inspection, testing, installation, and repairs. Maintaining top-notch electrics is crucial for safety, as unsafe power sources and poorly fitted power point wiring pose risks of house fires or dangerous electric shocks. Don’t take the chance – whatever the task, we have the expertise to ensure your property’s electrical wiring and installations are properly fitted and safe to use. With over twenty years of experience in the field and a 100% lifetime workmanship guarantee, we have become the trusted choice for an increasing number of local households.

House Rewiring: When was the last time your electrical wiring was inspected? Over time, like any other system in your home, electrical wiring can deteriorate. Signs such as frequently tripping safety switches, overheating outlets, short-lived light bulbs, and power fluctuations indicate the need for house rewiring. If your home is undergoing renovations or is several decades old, consider a 100-point safety check by a qualified electrician, especially if it hasn’t been done in the past five years.

During home construction, a qualified electrician is essential to ensure safe wiring, including the installation of a switchboard, safety switches, power points, phone and data outlets, lighting, and more. Our Electrical Services is well-equipped and qualified for both types of work – feel free to reach out for assistance.

Lighting Installation, Relocation, and Repair: Unhappy with your current lighting arrangement? Let us relocate or reroute light fixtures for you. We can install new lighting fixtures or replace ceiling fixtures with wall-mounted lamps. If needed, we can also set up outdoor lighting for your patio or decking, providing the perfect illumination for evening entertainment or al fresco dining. Our team can also check light fixtures for safety, replacing any with visible wires or other unsafe parts.

Custom Power Points Placement: Why let the location of power points dictate your entire room layout? We can move power points almost anywhere, allowing you to position your desk, entertainment center, kitchen appliances, or media exactly where you want them. We can also install new power points in utility rooms, sheds, hallways – virtually anywhere you need them. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us for this straightforward and reasonably priced task

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