Solar Maintenance, Solar O&M, Solar Asset Management Services

Cleaning solar panels

We are often asked about cleaning solar panels as they can accumulate dirt over time which can reduce the efficiency of sunlight capture and ultimately reduce the amount of electricity generated by your system.

Solar panel maintenance and monitoring

The solar panel system has two main components; the roof mounting and panels, and the inverter(s). The solar panels and roof mounting are exposed to the elements of the Australian climate with wind exerting pressure on the mechanical integrity of the PV system, and the rain impacting both the panels electrical string connections and the roof seals under the mounting system

Our preventative solar panel maintenance plan is designed to help you achieve and maximize your solar PV investment return, and to help with your risk management as part of your annual electrical compliance regime. Like the MOT of your vehicles, we recommend annual solar panel maintenance for all commercial PV systems in addition to daily monitoring. Sophisticated solar panel monitoring can automatically prompt any potential generation issues straight away to allow immediate rectification from a maintenance engineer before they become bigger, more expensive problems.

Solar panel service and repair

Without a preventative maintenance plan in place you run the risk of a potential breakdown, requiring the need for an urgent solar panel service or repair to identify the issue and bring your system back online safely. This reactive approach can be expensive and also leave your business without PV generation whilst our team arrive onsite to diagnose/repair the problem.


India Electrical provide a complete solar array testing, servicing and repair service on commercial rooftop and residential solar arrays. We can provide you with any or all of the following:

  • Energy production analysis
  • IR thermal imaging
  • String testing
  • Voltage & current check
  • AC/DC connector check
  • Inverter testing
  • Junction box, isolator, distribution board and wiring inspection
  • Visual inspection of entire system for signs of damage
  • Test of parameters of system to ensure optimum efficiency
  • Labling check
  • Roof fixing and roof condition check
  • Solar panel cleaning
  • Maintenance report
  • Advice, replacement of faulty parts and repairs, where necessary

Our servicing team have years of experience of installing, servicing and repairing solar arrays, so you can be sure your system is in safe hands. Benefits of Solar Operation & Maintenance Service:

  • Timely and regular cleaning of solar cells and PV panels
  • Regular maintenance of all thermal-based components
  • Servicing of HT side equipment on an annual basis
  • Diagnosis and tests pertaining to low solar power production
  • Testing and upkeep of circuits
  • Tracing of IV curves and thermal imaging
  • The measure of earth value
  • Retro-commissioning
  • Management of warranties
  • System checks pertaining to data acquisition, etc
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