Goodwe Inverter


Max. DC power 3900 W
Max. Input voltage 600 V
MPP voltagerange 80 V to550 V
Rated input voltage 360 V
Rated input voltage 360 V
Max. input current input per MPPT 11/11 A
Max. short-circuit current per string 13.8/13.8 A

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Goodwe is a reputable brand offering a range of efficient solar inverters. Their products are known for reliability and innovative features geared towards residential and commercial use.

Goodwe inverters stand out in the renewable energy market for their smart technology integration and user-friendly interfaces. With a solid commitment to sustainability, Goodwe’s solutions cater to various installations, offering both on-grid and off-grid capabilities. Their inverters optimize solar energy conversion, ensuring maximum output and system longevity.

The company has flourished globally, earning trust through consistent quality and dedicated customer support. Goodwe’s inverters not only enhance solar system performance but also contribute to the widespread adoption of clean energy with their ease of installation and management.

Features And Benefits Of Goodwe Inverters

High efficiency

Goodwe inverters stand out in the market for their impressive high efficiency, ensuring that solar energy systems generate maximum power from the sun’s rays. These inverters seamlessly convert DC to AC with minimal energy loss, making them ideal for both residential and commercial use.

Reliability and Durability

Their reliability and durability are noteworthy, as they are engineered to withstand diverse environmental conditions, securing a long service life and uninterrupted power production. Goodwe’s rigorous testing guarantees that each inverter operates at peak performance even under stress.

Smart grid connectivity

Smart grid connectivity is another advanced feature, enabling the system to adapt to various grid conditions and participate in demand response programs. This helps balance the load and contributes to grid stability, showcasing its forward-thinking technology.

Monitoring and control

Furthermore, Goodwe offers comprehensive monitoring and control options. Users have real-time insight into their system’s performance via intuitive platforms. These monitoring solutions empower users to make informed decisions about their energy usage and system management.

Grid support functions

Lastly, grid support functions embedded in Goodwe inverters provide ancillary services such as voltage and frequency regulation. This involvement fortifies the grid resilience and accommodates the growing presence of renewable energy sources.

Goodwe Inverters Specifications

Single phase grid-connected photovoltaic solar inverter GW-3000D-NS, 3000W AC solar inverter, with 2 MPPT, 97.5% efficiency and 11A maximum input current per string, with convection cooling method. Ideal for residential 230 V nominal input grid connection installations.

The Goodwe inverter line stands out for its variety of configurations, wide MPPT voltage range and its light and compact structure. Designed for long life with protection against shortcircuits, overloads and high temperatures, it will provide trouble-free operation in your solar installation over the years. Outstanding product for solar installations with an excellent price-quality ratio. Transformer not included.It offers an IP65 protection degree. 2-year product warranty and CE certificate.

Installation And Maintenance Of Goodwe Inverters

Goodwe Inverters require a specific set of conditions for optimal operation. Key factors include a stable, flat surface, close proximity to the power source, and unobstructed exposure to sunlight for connected solar panels. It’s crucial to ensure adequate ventilation to prevent overheating and adhere to electrical regulations for safety. A professional assessment of the site helps determine the best installation scenario.

Mounting and Wiring

Concerning Mounting and Wiring, the inverter should be mounted securely to a wall or frame that can support its weight. Wiring must comply with local electrical codes. Use weatherproof, UV-resistant cables for outdoor installations, and ensure connections are tight and properly insulated to prevent electrical faults.

Maintenance Tips

Maintenance Tips for sustaining the efficiency of a Goodwe inverter encompass regular cleaning, checking for firmware updates, and keeping an eye on performance through monitoring systems. Ensuring that the area around the inverter remains free from debris and dust aids in heat dissipation.

Choosing The Right Goodwe Inverter For Your Solar System

Selecting the perfect Goodwe Inverter necessitates assessing the energy needs of your home or business. It’s essential to calculate the maximum wattage your solar panels produce and ensure the inverter’s wattage rating meets or exceeds this figure. In residential setups, inverters generally range from 1kW to 10kW, catering to various solar system sizes.

Budget constraints

As with any significant investment, budget constraints play a pivotal role in decision-making. Price tags for Goodwe Inverters can vary, with higher-capacity models commanding premium prices. Nevertheless, investing in a more robust system upfront can lead to greater long-term savings in energy costs.

Efficiency and Performance

Prior to purchase, confirm the inverter’s compatibility with your solar panels and battery storage solutions. An ideal setup has a seamless integration of components, optimizing efficiency and performance. Lastly, Goodwe offers competitive warranties, but the length and extent can differ between models. Reliable customer support also ensures any issues can be addressed swiftly, providing peace of mind.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Where Is Goodwe Inverter Made?

GoodWe inverters are manufactured in Suzhou, China. The company specializes in producing solar PV inverters and energy storage solutions.

What Is The Difference Between Fronius And Goodwe?

Fronius and GoodWe are both manufacturers of solar inverters. Fronius, hailing from Austria, generally offers high-end, premium inverters. GoodWe, based in China, provides cost-effective, reliable inverter options for diverse markets.

Who Are The Top Solar Inverter Suppliers?

Top solar inverter suppliers include SMA Solar Technology, Huawei Technologies, Sungrow Power Supply, and Fronius International. Each offers reliable and efficient solar inverters for various applications.

Who Is The Owner Of Goodwe?

GoodWe is a publicly traded company, with no sole owner but multiple shareholders. The largest shareholder is founder and CEO Daniel Huang.


Wrapping up, the Goodwe Inverter stands out for its efficiency and reliability. Ideal for those seeking sustainable energy solutions, it’s a top choice for solar enthusiasts. Remember, selecting the right inverter can elevate your eco-friendly journey. Choose Goodwe for a brighter, greener future.





Input (DC)

Max. DC power

3900 W

Max. Input voltage

600 V

MPP voltagerange

80 V to550 V

Rated input voltage

360 V

Min. Input voltage

120 V

Max. input current input per MPPT

11/11 A

Max. short-circuit current per string

13.8/13.8 A

Number of independent MPPT inputs / strings per MPPT input

2 / 1

Output (AC)

Rated power (at 230 V, 50Hz)

3000 W

Max. apparent power AC

3000 VA

Nominal AC Voltage

220 V, 230 V, 240 V

AC power frequency

50 Hz, 60 Hz

Rated power frequency / rated grid voltage

50 Hz / 230 V

Max. output current

13.6 A

Power factor at rated power


Adjustable displacement power factor

0.8 overexcited to 0.8 underexcited

Max. Efficiency / European Efficiency

97.8% / 97.5%

Protective devices

Protection against islanding operation


DC reverse polarity protection


Insulation resistance protection


Residual-current monitoring unit


AC Over current protection


AC short circuit current protection


AC overvoltage protection


General Data

Dimensions (W / H / D)

354 mm / 433 mm / 147 mm

Operating temperature range

‒25°C to +60°C

Noise emission, typical

<25 dB(A)

Self-consumption (at night)

<1.0 W



Cooling method


Degree of protection (as per IEC 60529)


Max. permissible value for relative humidity (non-condensing)



User Interface


Communication protocols

RS485 o WIFI


VDE0126-1-1, AS4777.2, EN50438(PL), G83, ERDF-NOI-RES_13E, IEC61727, IEC62116, CEI 0-21, RD 1699:2011 , UNE

206006 IN: 2011 , UNE 206007-1 IN: 2013

Safety Standards



VDE-AR-N 4105, VDE0126-1-1, EN50438(PL), EN50438(SW), AS4777.2, G83,

IEC61727, IEC62116, CEI 0-21, RD 1699:2011, UNE 206006 IN: 2011, UNE 206007-1 IN: 201

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