LG Chem Battery


Reliable Quality Brand
Battery Cell Manufacturer
Financially Strong
Ability to Support
Quicker & Easier Handling
Remote Battery Monitoring
On-the-Spot Maintenance

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A home battery takes your energy independence to a new level. Not only can you use, during the night, stored solar energy, but also during power outages Protect and power your home without relying on the electricity


Capacity to Fit Your Needs

Whole home backup with world’s largest capacity,
16kWh / 32kWh (in parallel)

Optimal Capacity (9.6kWh) for Daily Use

Quicker & Easier Handling
The modular design enables easier transportation, handling, and installation

Remote Battery Monitoring
Real time battery status monitoring and early diagnosis with Home Battery Monitor

On-the-Spot Maintenance
The detachable Control Unit can be replaced on site, saving maintenance time and cost

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