Zever Inverter



Opening for business in 1997, Sungrow has always been dedicated to forward-thinking processes and innovation and forward-thinking processes. Their portfolio includes PV inverter solutions and energy storage systems for residential, commercial and even utility level applications, with their floating PV plant solutions receiving international recognition. We couldn’t be prouder to offer a wide range of Sungrow inverters, well equipped to meet the solar energy needs of almost any residential solar installation including the Sungrow SGRT, designed specifically for three phase installations.

The second best selling inverter manufacturer in Australia, Sungrow are known for their durable, efficient and dependable inverters and these models are no exception. Ideal for residential installations, the SGRT series have low startup power requirements, which means they’re able to begin producing solar energy earlier in the day and continue to do so later into the evening. Combined with their multiple strings, and compatibility with bifacial modules, this allows for flexible installations to take the best advantage of how the sun hits your home.

It is also a very safe inverter, with a built in quick arc fault circuit interrupter, high anti-corrosion rating (C5) and build in PiD recovery.

To take even greater advantage of the inverter, and take better control of your energy, look no further than Sungrow’s iSolarCloud monitoring platform. Available on both app and web-based platforms, it allows you to track your SGRT inverter’s production and optimise your energy usage.


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