Safety Switches & Switchboards

In accordance with Australian law, homes constructed after 1991 must be equipped with safety switches on their power switchboards. This precaution ensures that in case of a power surge or electrical fault, the switch is promptly activated, cutting off power. Installing safety switches is vital for preventing electrical fires and reducing the risk of unsuspecting occupants experiencing a dangerous or potentially lethal electric shock. Unfortunately, not everyone has had their switchboard inspected for the presence and condition of safety switches. This is where we can be of assistance: with over two decades of experience, we are well-positioned to examine switchboards, checking for safety switches and assessing their integrity. Some switches may have been in use for decades, and inevitably, over time, they may deteriorate. We can quickly evaluate each one, recommending necessary remedial action if needed.

Switchboard Upgrades Available: Constant advancements in safety switches and switchboard technology offer more efficient options for modern homes. If you have older safety switches and desire the peace of mind that comes with the latest, most reliable versions, we can successfully handle your upgrades. With two decades of experience in switchboard installation jobs, our team has encountered and resolved various issues, ensuring safe and proper work on any type of setup, regardless of its complexity.

Safety Switch Issues? We’ve Got You Covered: Sometimes, safety switches may appear to malfunction without an obvious reason. While a safety switch should only activate in the presence of a fault, some may spontaneously cut off the power supply. Common issues include switches not resetting after an event, even when the cause has been resolved; intermittent functionality; and switches adversely affecting other home wiring. If you encounter such problems, we’re here to help.
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